WSOC, JWSOC, EYSOC and WMSOC would be held in January 2024 in Ramsau/Dachstein, which offers excellent terrain, sports infrastructure and lodging. Ramsau/Dachstein is one of Austria’s most famous Cross Country Skiing areas, world famous for organizing events like the Nordic Ski championships, numerous Worldcup races in Cross Country skiing and Nordic combination. The Ramsau commune strongly supports the World-SkiO-Championships 2024. Facilities for the event are conveniently located within a 5-kilometer radius:

  • An ideal terrain for ski-orienteering (with a network of ski rails already in place),
  • Competition centre with ski stadium, sport hall, and waxing cabins, ski rails already in place),
  • Event centre and around 6000-bed accommo-dation-facilities.


All competitors must be citizens of the country of the Federation they are representing. They must be able to provide either a passport or other valid documentation proving their citizenship.

A competitor may represent only one Federation during any one 12 month period running from November to October.

Women may compete in men’s classes. Competitors participate at their own risk. Insurance against accidents must be the responsibility of their Federation or themselves, according to national regulations.